Royal Jelly



1 What is Royal Jelly?jalea-real-venta-madrid.jpg

  • Royal Jelly is an exceptional nutritional concentrate which is also called “Bees milk”. Royal Jelly confers great power and longetivity as growth under its influence, the Queen enjoys an absolutely extraordinary development that multiply her weight by 1.250 in just 15 days and gives her a life expectancy of five to six years compared to the forty days that the working bees have.
  • Royal jelly is the most concentrated food of nature, by its balanced set of vitamins, minerals and vital elements, it has an important role in the processes of celular restitution. It doesn´t need digestion since it is fully assimilated and goes directly into the bloodstream for the enrichment of tissue replacement and growth.


2 What are the benefits of Royal Jelly?miel-familia-alicante.jpg

Royal Jelly is reccomended for:

  • Ideal for athletes, it helps your daily training.
  • Increases resistance to cold and muscle fatigue.
  • Facilitates mental strength in times of stress as it improves cerebral oxygenation.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Improves asthma.
  • Recommended for post-operative states due to its high vitamin, minerals and trace elements content.


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At we produce and package our own honey, jar by jar, completely handmade since more than 80 years, without adding any food colorant or added sugars. Our honey is 100% natural.

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4 Where to buy Eucalyptus Honey?buy-royal-jelly

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