Why buying?

1 Because our honey is a guarantee of Quality and TraditionMiel de Romero artesanal y casera

At lamieleria.com we are already the fourth generation that has dedicated exclusively to the honey industry.

We have been more than 80 years taking care of the bees and extracting the best honey in a totally handmade way.

  • Comes from hives located far away from any human activity.
  • We do beekeeping work the traditional way without feeders.
  • It is natural from the western mediterranean clima, with the advantages that come with it.
  • It is produced by our bees in the same way for centuries, with all the properties of natural honey, with no additives and without external aid.
  • We don´t add sugars, starches, food colorants, preservatives or any other additives.
  • It is organic, so it does maintain all its natural properties.


2 Because we put prices downbajoprecio

lamieleria.com offers the best quality at the best prices. Our online shop and direct contact with clients without intermediaries, makes us enjoy a reduced distribution costs which come with a less expensive products for our clients.

At the same time, since we update daily our prices, we can guarantee the best price for our clients at every moment.



3 For convenience and efficiencyonline

With a single click, from anywhere you will be able to find a wide range of products related with honey and beekeeping, all offered at lamieleria.com. A web easy to browse where you can buy with a single click, without stress or long cues.

lamieleria.com opens it´s doors 24/7 all the year around.




4 So we can have a more personal approach with our clients.atencion cliente miel jalea real

We provide our customers with a customer service section to answer all your questions or place orders.




5 Because we have a wide range of productsMiel natural Madrid

Due to the structure of our online shop lamieleria.com, we offer a wide range of products where you can find different types of honeys produced in Spain, made by our beekeepers, with a great quality and a very competitive price.





6 Because we take care of our clientsfamilia apicultor

At lamieleria.com we take good care of our clients, not only we offer them the best prices and offers but we reward their fidelity with important discounts and offers.

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