Honey Candies



1 Properties of Honey Candies

  • Hard honey candy: Soothes and calms the discomfort of the throat and clears the nostrils.
  • Hard honey candy and Propolis: The best antibiotic for sore throats ( colds, smoker´s cough, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsilitis…).


What are Honey Candies recommended for?

  • Adults and children, healthy and delicious due to their food and dietary character.
  • With great benefits to athletes and anyone with muscle activities.
  • Our products contain no artificial flavours or preservatives, they are prepared from honey and other natural ingredients. Manufactured without aromas, preservatives or food colorants.

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4 Where to buy Honey Candies?comprarmielnatural

At our online shop lamieleria.com we have different flavours of Honey Candies.

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