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Hi, my name is Nacho and I, along with my brother Javi, we are partners of lamieleria.com, a web that we have made with the help of family emmbers that have a relation with the world of beekeeping and handmade honey.

Counting me, this is the fourth generation in my family that we work with honey (my great grandfather was already a beekeeper), taking care of the hives and the bees in order to extract a handmade honey.

Now, so you know a bit more about who we are, I´m going to introduce you to the team that makes La Mieleria and what are we doing in a daily basis.

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Who is who…

La Mieleria team

Nacho Company

Even though I´m relatively young (Thirty something… hehehe) I have professionaly dedicated myself since I was 16 years old to make honey, actually if I´m honest, I can´t recall the first time I went with my dad to see the hives, extract honey, etc… probably I wasn´t even 10 years old.

What am I doing? I do a bit of everything, I attend costumers, take care of the hives, packaging, send deliveries, etc… basically what you would call a Jack of all trades, but what I´m actually really passionate about is about been close to where the honey is created, the hives, taking care of the bees, finding new spots to put hives, etc… what I would call being a free spirit.

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 Javi Company

The little one of my brothers, who accompanies and shares with me this family adventure of extracting honey that we have inherited from our ancestors. My partner and friend.

Javi is the brain of the warehouse, a real Jack of all trades. He might be packaging, preparing cans, settling orders, doing deliveries or settling bills.

Probably if you call or have any doubt, you will speak with him, but don´t worry he is very kind and helpfull with the clients with who he tends to become friends. Basically this wouldn´t work without him.

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Enrique Company

My father. What to say about a father? Well apart from saying what anyone else would say (he is great, an excellent person, with a big heart and someone to be admired) I will tell you that he has spent his entire life (and it is quite a few years) sorrounded by bees, hives, pollen and anything that has to do with honey.

He helps me in anything that he can, he accompanies me to the hives, makes sure everything goes well and what surprises me. He is the first one that wants to know how internet works!

Even though he thinks I never listen, the truth is that I take his advise very wisely (since his advise is taken from a long journey along this path) and for me it isn´t only a luxury to have someone like him by my side, it is an example to follow, a role model since I would like to be as GREAT as he is. Thanks Dad!

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Milagro Agulló

My mother. I have no words. Just one. MOM.

As always, she is so humble (but important and needed at the same time) that she didn´t wanted to be in the pictures (for the picture below it took us hard work to convince her to be in it)…

Always watching over the warehouse workers, my mother is able to work twice as hard as any of us (she help us here and then she keeps working at home). A machine when comes to packaging, speak with costumers who come to buy, keep everything tidy for the next day, etc…

But from the tasks she performs, the one that she does best, and I´m sure she does it with all the love in the world, is taking care of my daughter Irene some mornings, who could not have a better caregiver than her Grandmother. I love you Mom.


La Mieleria, is not only the people who I introduced you here. As I said before, at La Mieleria we are a family, even though some of us will spend more time here than others, I don´t want to forget about the people that help us in direct or indirect ways, people that helps my dreams come true:

My wife Carmen, who both supports my long hours of absence ( or sometimes my presence, hehe), my brother and sister, Kike and Milagro (who I don´t forget), all my brothers in law (specially David for helping me with technological doubts), my cousins (who I tend to call to ask for a favour or two), etc… and many so many clients that help make this Big family what it is La Mieleria.

Thanks to all of you!

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