Orange Blossom Honey



1 Properties of Orange Blossom Honeyazahar - miel

  • A natural product made by bees from the nectar of this plant aromatic flowers.
  • Flowering time: Mainly spring and autumn.
  • Aroma: Similar to flowering oranges.
  • Colour: Yellow, clear amber, almost like crystalized white.
  • Consistency: Somewhat thick, soft to the throat.
  • Excellent table honey.


2 What is recommended for Orange Blossom Honey?recomendaciones

Orange Blossom Honey is recommended for:

  • Body abnormalities: A tablespoon of Orange Blossom Honey after every meal can help solve problems such as insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, stress, etc…
  • Properties: Orange Blossom Honey has antispasmodic and relaxing properties, and helps sleep children and elderly people.
  • Recommended to put stress levels down.


3 More questions…help

At we produce and package our own honey, jar by jar, completely handmade since more than 80 years, without adding any food colorant or added sugars. Our honey is 100% natural.

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4 Where to buy Orange Blossom Honey?Press-to-buy.-Buy-now.-Natural-Honey

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