Forest Honey

Forest Honey


1 Characteristics of Forest HoneyForest Honey

  • Natural product that bees collect from trees such as oaks found in the forests. Combining the gathering nectar from flowers that live in the same area, bees also collect honeydew from trees to produce this type of honey.
  • Flowering Time: August and beginning of September.
  • Aroma: Floral with an intense touch of aroma of malt or toasted cereal.
  • Color: Dark amber.
  • Consistency: thick and due to its high fructose content, which has a low tendency to crystallization.


2 ¿What is Forest Honey recommended for?

 Forest Honey is recommended for::recomendaciones

  • Expectorant: It is ideal to relieve lung conditions such as flu and bronchitis
  • Double antioxidant property: it is a food supplement for those who have low iron, so it is highly recommended to fight anemia.
  • Supplement for athletes: provides energy quickly and provides food supplements for physical and mental wear out in competitions or hard training.

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At we produce and package our own honey, jar by jar, completely handmade since more than 80 years, without adding any food colorant or added sugars. Our honey is 100% natural.

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